be circumspect

See: beware
References in classic literature ?
To say the truth, I doubted not from his many strong expressions of friendship, but that he would offer to lend me a small sum for that purpose, but he answered, `Never mind that, man; e'en boldly run a levant' [Partridge was going to inquire the meaning of that word, but Jones stopped his mouth]: `but be circumspect as to the man.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said they would follow the NPC's advice to be circumspect in disclosing the list of the inoculated schoolchildren.
Banks will be circumspect for a while and initially deal only with the highest-rated counter-parties" according to one industry source.
The US has a definite role in this region because it is a major power with specific interests but it also has to be circumspect in saying or doing anything that might be misinterpreted," he said.
Raising India's concern over the use of US funds against it by the Pakistani administration Krishna said, it will be his endeavour to impress upon U S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Washington needs to be circumspect in aid provided to Islamabad.
He must be circumspect in his choice of partners and employ careful calculation in their seduction.
And times have changed: "I think the gay tourist should be circumspect while traveling in Egypt," Reeder cautions, alluding to the current routine persecution of openly gay men.
There is a code of conduct that has been drawn up by John Barnwell and the League Manager's Association, whereby managers should be circumspect when making public comments regarding other clubs.
While I won't take issue with many of the good points raised in Christopher Preble's contribution to the debate on the relative merits of nation building, I will never quite grasp the mind-set of those who argue, as he appears to, that we should be circumspect in our attempts to "force democracy down the throats of the approximately 3 billion people who currently live under stone other system of government.
In view of this sorry pageant of pointless wars in distant lands for ill-defined goals, Americans are right to be circumspect about the War on Terrorism.
I must point out that, were I to need information on the dance traditions of Micronesia--or even folk dance in some of the former Soviet republics--I would be circumspect and chary to accept it, unchecked, from your new Encyclopedia, fearing that its level of academic accuracy and general scholarship would be no more dependable in detail on the subjects I know nothing about than it is on the subjects I know rather a great a deal about.