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"We at ICAI are extremely happy to be working with Tally in helping GCC transition to VAT and be compliant," said CA Naveen Sharma, president, ICAI - Dubai Chapter.
The equipment, which will be compliant with ETCS Level 2 Baseline 3, will be delivered from 2016 onwards and the contract includes a 10-year maintenance term.
I would not look at applications, because generally most of the vendors need to be compliant. The main part of the infrastructure in terms of spend is the network and PCI networks cost quite a lot of money," states Sangal.
Where this becomes tricky is when you have a service provider providing PCI compliant services effectively using AWS for their "data center." In some cases, these service providers are trading on the fact that because AWS is PCI compliant, then their services must also be compliant. However, what these service providers forget is that once they start going beyond the IS model and offer services in the Platform as a Service (PS) and Software as a Service (SS) realm, they are now responsible for portions of PCI compliant that Amazon is not.
All companies must be compliant with the regulations before October 1.
The deadline for products to be compliant with the RollS directive is fast approaching on July 1, 2006.
The only set of circumstances requiring the RTC itself to be compliant is where a system that stays online over the turn of the century is also running software that goes directly to the RTC for its date values.
If your vendor won't be compliant on time, you may have to seek alternatives.
The Gartner group estimates that by the turn of the century, 50% of businesses will not be compliant, causing problems for them and the companies they do business with.
Also, it has been noted that a "show of force," consisting simply of a few people standing around the patient, will sometimes encourage the patient to be compliant and agreeable.
IBM said that all of its SAN products will be compliant with future SNIA standards, some of which are expected later this year.
Many began the process early and over time concluded that their Year 2000 projects have been managed successfully, while others remain concerned that various critical systems may not be compliant. After all the time and money organizations have spent to fix or replace non-compliant systems, many senior managers can be forgiven for asking, "Why do I need Y2K contingency plans?"