be consumed

See: decrease
References in classic literature ?
Woe to this great city!--And I would that I already saw the pillar of fire in which it will be consumed!
Vending machines are a large part of the built environment and are often filled only with food choices that most experts would recommend not be consumed frequently.
Approximately .5-.7 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight should be consumed as soon after the practice/game as possible.
When we walk through fire, we will not be consumed. We are precious, honored, and loved.
But if stevia were marketed widely and used in diet sodas, it would be consumed by millions of people.
Twenty ounces of fluid, preferably water, should be consumed an hour or two before exercise.
To limit DLC intake to the lower end of the WHO TDI (1 pg TEQ/kg/day), most farmed salmon must be consumed at rates of < 10 meals/month.