be contiguous

References in classic literature ?
If this event is to cause another event, the two will have to be contiguous in time; for if there is any interval between them, something may happen during that interval to prevent the expected effect.
"The petition shall state the specific areas of the BAR that the petitioning LGU claims to be contiguous to, the reasons for such claim, and that there is no pending boundary dispute involving the petitioning LGU," added the Comelec.
Connecting these three settlement blocs means that the territory Sharon intends to offer the Palestinians will not be contiguous (except maybe by building tunnels!), and that Israel plans to annex a large portion of the Palestinian state-to-be, which is already a very small entity (22 percent of Mandatory Palestine).
As a consequence, lymphatic metastases tend to be contiguous, spreading from the abdomen into the chest and finally into the neck.