be conversant with

References in classic literature ?
Astor was to have the privilege of introducing other persons into the connection as partners, two of whom, at least, should be conversant with the Indian trade, and none of them entitled to more than three shares.
Pre Qualification: Contractors providing outsourcing services must be conversant with the job profile must have practical experience of minimum 02 years of running officers mess for services officers gp a officers and should have trained staff with similar experience.
Teachers will have to be conversant with special needs education to fix the shortage of teachers in the special-needs schools.
As her son David Rieff writes in his preface, "this is a journal where art is seen as a matter of life and death." And Sontag's extraordinary avidity--"the sense that she needed to hear every piece of music, see every piece of book, be conversant with all the great works of literature"--is there from the start.
"All the fixtures are computerised and the new fixtures secretary will need to be conversant with the internet and the web."
The ideal spokesperson would have a solid Islamic and western education (including, for starters, a thorough grasp of theology; history, and culture), would have traveled widely in the Islamic world, be conversant with the plethora of images and caricatures of Islam circulating in the media, and, finally would be blessed with a lot of patience, sensitivity; and ecumenical good will.
RIM professionals, then, must be conversant with statutes such as the Federal Records Act and the Uniform Copies Act.