be converted

See: change
References in classic literature ?
Levin would have been glad indeed to be converted, but could not make out what the point was, and retreating a few steps from the speakers, he explained to Stepan Arkadyevitch his inability to understand why the marshal of the province should be asked to stand.
But a far more important consideration, as I believe, is that, during the process of further modification, by which two varieties are supposed on my theory to be converted and perfected into two distinct species, the two which exist in larger numbers from inhabiting larger areas, will have a great advantage over the intermediate variety, which exists in smaller numbers in a narrow and intermediate zone.
Here be it said, that many tattooed savages sailing in Nantucket ships at last come to be converted into the churches.
Or might it suffice him that every wholesome growth should be converted into something deleterious and malignant at his touch?
The first unmarked word we come to, SI, is safe; the only replies to it, SO and TI, can each be converted to the safe word TO.
If any significant effort is to be spent in upgrading a calender with sleeve bearings, the effort should be spent on one with full circle bronze bearings, or which can be converted to full circle bearings.