be delinquent

See: default
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Certification renewal fees will now be delinquent "sixty days" beyond July 1 of the renewal year, after which time the Nationally Certified Teacher of
If delinquents are encouraged, taught, or pressured to be delinquent by other delinquents, there must be some level of attachment.
In support of the theory, both males and early-maturing girls are more likely to be delinquent (Canter, 1982; Phelps & McClintock, 1994).
The Service believes that this modernization effort will shorten the time from when a tax is determined to be delinquent until it is resolved in the collection process and actually collected.
A Finance Official also noted that a greater number of properties tend to be delinquent in the beginning of the fiscal year and pay up as the year goes along.