be demoted

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'I do not know what [Vuthy] did to be demoted, but I believe he has made a serious mistake against the discipline and internal order of the National Police."
Her predecessor, Kung Chung-chen, who now serves as representative to Canada and who was responsible for the passport project, will also be demoted to a position in Taiwan after being informed by phone Wednesday, MOFA announced.
The centre on Anglesey would close while Swansea would be demoted to daytime-only cover.
An employee can be demoted after maternity leave for problems discovered while she was away, the 11th Circuit ruled April 6 in Schaaf v.
Four captains were notified Thursday they would be reduced in rank to lieutenant and three lieutenants will be demoted to firefighter, according to the chief.
Will Howard Webb be demoted for his howler in the North East derby or his performance at the Blues FA Cup tie with Wolves?
Yvonne Cooper told the Globe and Mail he would not be demoted in rank or pay scale.
Coppell fined the 21-year-old for the incident and Long admits he deserved to be demoted to the bench for the Birmingham game.
Herbert has now been told he will not be demoted - but he will be transferred from Cowcaddens and receive a final written warning.
A panel at London's Appeal Court has found the punishment was "manifestly excessive" and ordered he be demoted only to a staff sergeant which means he could be reinstated as a Warrant Officer before he leaves.
The 41-year-old mother- of two was recommended to be demoted to corporal by the King's Royal Hussars because affairs within the ranks are against Army rules.