be derived

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But, by the best contradictory authorities, this Grecian story of Hercules and the whale is considered to be derived from the still more ancient Hebrew story of Jonah and the whale; and vice versa; certainly they are very similar.
It is also argued that ideas, or rather ideals, must be derived from a previous state of existence because they are more perfect than the sensible forms of them which are given by experience.
As to those just causes of war which proceed from direct and unlawful violence, it appears equally clear to me that one good national government affords vastly more security against dangers of that sort than can be derived from any other quarter.
These limited data do indicate an excess risk of childhood cancer following intrauterine irradiation during the bombings; the pertinent question is whether the risk coefficient (risk per unit dose) that may be derived from the Japanese cohort study is compatible with the risk estimates that may be obtained from the findings of the case-control studies of fetal exposure (Boice and Miller 1999; Doll and Wakeford 1997; Wakeford 1995).
Since the chronic disease score can be derived from electronic pharmacy data, it lends itself to use as a risk-adjuster in automated systems for monitoring surgical site infection, particularly in patients discharged from the hospital who do not return to the hospital for care.
The ratings reflect Harleysville's strong risk-adjusted capitalization, stable balance sheet, improved operating performance, solid regional market franchise, as well as the future benefits to be derived from management's material corrective actions over the past several years.
GCSC's ratings also reflect its adequate capitalization and the anticipated benefits to be derived from management's underwriting initiatives that were taken in recent years.
The ratings reflect Harleysville's excellent risk-adjusted capitalization, improved operating performance, its prudent management of catastrophe exposures, the future benefits to be derived from management's recent corrective actions, as well as the group's solid regional market franchise and well-established agency relationships.
Best expects that Lancashire will be successful in executing its business plan by attaining very favorable underwriting margins; that its success will be derived from its adherence to disciplined underwriting in targeted businesses and markets; and that the anticipated pricing improvements and bifurcation of risk in terms of pricing exposures, setting limits and broader exclusions will benefit its underwriting performance over the near term.
The ratings also reflect the near-term earnings prospects to be derived from BICI's planned focus on small to mid-sized accounts within the specialty admitted market; management's intention to prudently manage its capital; and the explicit support provided through a quota share reinsurance agreement with Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's (syndicates 623 and 2623).
The ratings of Harleysville reflect the group's solid capitalization and regional market franchise and the benefits to be derived from management's corrective actions, as well as Harleysville's strong name recognition, well-established agency relationships and stable market presence.
Best expects the rating to be strengthened by benefits to be derived from the proposed June 1, 2000, merger between the Spanish insurance subsidiaries of Corporacion MAPFRE and Caja Madrid, Spain's second largest Savings & Loan bank.