be derived

References in classic literature ?
Very little assistance to the State could be derived from the epistolary intercourse of Mrs.
But it may be fancied, that from the naked skeleton of the stranded whale, accurate hints may be derived touching his true form.
But, by the best contradictory authorities, this Grecian story of Hercules and the whale is considered to be derived from the still more ancient Hebrew story of Jonah and the whale; and vice versa; certainly they are very similar.
It is also argued that ideas, or rather ideals, must be derived from a previous state of existence because they are more perfect than the sensible forms of them which are given by experience.
However, in this study, the NGF reaction induced by capsaicin was evident among patients and may be derived from hyperreactive nerve endings.
And from a much deeper point view, analysis in purely rational terms is essentially positivism, which was shown by later schools of philosophy to be unworkable in that it appears that a lot of accepted knowledge even in science cannot be derived by purely rational arguments, implying that the use of something akin to intuition is inevitable even in the thought processes of the most "rational" thinkers.
So, there was a great deal of satisfaction to be derived from the eight-year-old's victory, his first since September, 2000, in the Total Butler Handicap at Ripon yesterday.
(1) These mesenchymal tumors are thought to be derived from pericytes.
The capacity for human enteropathogenicity among clinical isolates may be derived from a unique set of genes that were acquired or evolved in a common ancestor.
One obvious problem with the "perspectival" interpretation of Descartes is that he formulates both his epistemological and ontological arguments by rejecting the idea that certainty can be derived from sensual apprehension of the world.
Many people will want your services at reduced fee because they perceive you as hungry or as offering a service that can be derived from other sources.
"Fair value" would be derived from projections of future market value of the stock using Black-Scholes or some other mathematical model.