be devoted

See: adhere, persist
References in classic literature ?
I should expect my devoted friend to be devoted to me, of course.
If not, I'm afraid I can offer him no better explanation; and in fact I am all impatience to open my knapsack, and inform myself of the name of her to the discovery of whom my wanderings are henceforth to be devoted.
According to Klein, plans call for roughly two-thirds of the usable space to be devoted to hosting exhibits, events and educational programs, with the remaining area allocated for office and storage space.
Sight reading skill is built and, as such, some regular time during each lesson needs to be devoted to this skill.
Such omissions demand more space than permitted in this review, but Dace's preface suggests what she might have heeded: "Another volume should be devoted to the complete reviews of all the scripts.
Although a risk analysis that we are developing could lead us to amend our priorities, we expect to devote about 25 percent of our resources to the area largely defined by Governor Angell's report over the next few years, with about 40 percent of our audit resources to be devoted to the mission area of supervision and regulation of financial institutions and the remainder of our resources to be about equally divided between the mission areas of monetary policy and administration.