be diligent

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He enjoined directors and workers in lower cadres in the civil service to be diligent in the discharge of their duty, saying they did not need to know highly placed individuals to be rewarded with promotions.
So be diligent when buying online from a website you are not familiar with.
"Do not visit the hospital if you have had vomiting and diarrhoea, please be diligent in your hand washing when entering and leaving wards or clinical areas and please do not bring food or fruit on to the ward."
If businesses are interested in not suffering those penalties, then they must be diligent in the checking of identifications and if presented with a questionable I.D should notify the local police.
(59) The claimant's search "must only be diligent; it need not be extraordinary." (60) In an ALJ decision from the Ninth Circuit, a claimant with experience as a secretary and tutor only needed to show being let go from a tutoring business and inability to restart her own tutoring business, in combination with the discrimination rampant in the Kuwaiti workplace, to show a diligent work search.
Sheikh Omar Bin Ladin has warned that both government and the private sector in Qatar need to be diligent in their selection of employees.
Regarding the "cause," clinicians and their patients should be diligent regarding appropriate nutritional and lifestyle interventions that may favorably affect health.
Be diligent about setting aside time for meditation and prayer, not lackadaisical with a when-the-mood-takes-me approach.
Dottori supports the government in its efforts to be diligent on environmental issues, but the government holds some of the toughest regulations on effluents in the world.
"For the most part, the audit committee is trying to be diligent in fulfilling its fiduciary duty, and they look to the auditor to inform them of what the issues are and familiarize them with the process in lay terms," says Ljung.
In the Book of Common Prayer, candidates for the priesthood are asked, "Will you be diligent to frame and fashion your own selves, and your families, according to the doctrine of Christ; and to make both yourselves and them, as much as in you lieth, wholesome examples and patterns to the flock of Christ?"