be disclosed

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"Exact numbers, details of the local authorities, and arrival dates will not be disclosed as the interests of the refugees must be uppermost in our minds.
HMRC would class the purchase of the house and paddock as a linked transaction and it would have to be disclosed as such.
The court asked for correspondence between the council and its own lawyers relating to Mr Hunt's case to be disclosed.
Physicians said serious errors should be disclosed, and more than three-quarters said minor errors should be disclosed to patients.
The resignation of Los Angeles Times Editorial Page Editor Andres Martinez, who quit today after disclosing that his girlfriend had ties to a guest section editor, is a sharp reminder than any relationship that could raise even a question of conflict needs to be disclosed, according to some industry observers.
"What we are seeing is reinsurers are putting more risk into the transactions with the knowledge that these things are likely to be disclosed the way they should be."
Any financial relationship between the promoter and practitioner must be disclosed, including referral fees, commissions, fee-sharing, etc.
All vehicle modifications, from a new set of alloys to a non-standard engine management chip, must be disclosed as the car's value, desirability and performance might have changed.
Third quarter results are expected to be disclosed to financial analysts Oct.
Ordinary Commercial Transactions of Limited or No Interest to the IRS Must be Disclosed and Cannot Be Effectively Monitored
School counselors are sometimes confused by a FERPA provision that allows confidential notes or memory aids to be protected from FERPA's requirement that official school records be disclosed to parents.