be discourteous

See: insult, offend
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Cole has been criticised for his conduct towards Riley after the incident but the 27-year-old said everything happened in the heat of the moment and he did not intend to be discourteous.
At this moment in time I do not wish to disclose what I have said to him, as until he responds to the letter, it would be discourteous of me to comment.'
Mr Straw said: ``A serious disagreement between Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom does not mean that you should then be discourteous or rude.
``It would be discourteous to turn away anyone interested in the job from coming to a game,''he said.``A prospective manager was present against Haverfordwest at his own request.
Never be discourteous to a potential client whose case you are not going to take.
"I'm not prepared to discuss my thoughts about my future here because it would be discourteous to my employers to read about my intentions
It would be discourteous not to contact them." U.S.