be dishonest

References in classic literature ?
answered Jones; "I hope you don't imagine that I should be dishonest enough, even if it belonged to any other person, besides Miss Western "
That would be dishonest, that would be false, that would be deceiving myself and others.
Who says you have to be dishonest, who says you have to steal?
Part III attempts to distil some common threads as to what type of conduct may be found to be dishonest.
They can never be true and genuine partners and they have proved to be dishonest," he said.
I can't be dishonest and say I am happy when he is out.
I would be dishonest if I told you that wasn't an ego blow.
Gangster Al Capone said: "I am surprised so many people turn to crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest.
Just because the witness is nervous, however, does not mean he or she will be dishonest.
So the message is, if you want to get your child into one of the best schools in Cardiff, lie, cheat, be dishonest, because once they've got their place - it's theirs for keeps