be disloyal

References in classic literature ?
He could not be disloyal to his kind, and it was to more than Lizzie Connolly that his hat was lifted.
'Any appointee found to be disloyal, lacking capacity and performing below expectation will be relieved of the appointment,' Ortom said.
I don't mean to be rude or to be seen to be disloyal but there needs to be a major improvement to the reshuffle Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames on what some regarded as a botched reshuffle operation Social mobility matters to me and our country more than my ministerial career Justine Greening, who resigned as education secretary and refused the offer of secretary for work and pensions The Government's big plan for the new year is to dodge the real issues and reshuffle the pack in a pointless and lacklustre PR exercise Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn It is Corbyn's Labour that is by far the greatest threat to the future of Britain, not Brexit Lord (William) Hague, former Tory leader
The Latvian Constitutional Court has ruled that the amendments to the Education Law enabling the authorities to fire teachers, who are found to be disloyal to the state of Latvia, are in line with the Constitution.
Do you think it would be disloyal to my wife and should I back off?
It wouldn't be disloyal, it would be positive action on behalf of people who seem to love the club more than they do.
Each time I am offered a piece of 'loyalty' plastic from a shop, I run from the place to be disloyal somewhere else" Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig "The Woman In Black just cracked pounds 20m.
"Since the discovery of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan has proven to be disloyal, deceptive and a danger to the United States," The Nation quoted Congressman Ted Poe as saying in a statement after tabling the resolution in the House.
James (1992) finds that firms are more likely to be disloyal to the same underwriter when the time between the IPO and the subsequent SEO increases.
Being loyal to your company does not require you or anyone else to be disloyal to yourself.
The man gives him a beautiful carved box and warns him not to open it or the dog will be disloyal to him.
To be a Catholic, in a sense, was to be disloyal to the national history; this was a feeling so deep-rooted, Oddie noted, that it was universally remarked on the death of Basil Cardinal Hume (d.