be distracted

See: muse
References in classic literature ?
A single well-directed man, by a single understanding, cannot be distracted and warped by that diversity of views, feelings, and interests, which frequently distract and warp the resolutions of a collective body.
Yet to be distracted with many is worse; for it makes men to be of the last impression, and full of change.
He tried not to let his attention be distracted, and not to spoil his impression by looking at the conductor in a white tie, waving his arms, which always disturbed his enjoyment of music so much, or the ladies in bonnets, with strings carefully tied over their ears, and all these people either thinking of nothing at all or thinking of all sorts of things except the music.
I don't think anyone will be distracted to making that a major issue for our coalition to start discussing.
I want to state categorically, as I have always done, that I will not be distracted from the focused international assignments I am engaged with,'' the former minister said.
But Khan, left, insists he will not be distracted from his primary business of winning world titles.
Summary: Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson says he will not be distracted by speculation about his future after enjoying a last-gasp 2-1 win over Bolton.
Everything happens in a split second and I am sure the keeper would be distracted by the sight of three red shirts so close to goal as the ball comes across.