be dormant

See: remain, rest, stay
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In this theory, the quasar must be dormant. If the cosmic rays revved up by the black hole were to collide with intense radiation from an active quasar, their energy would be drained away.
The progenies of the six seeds which germinated were found to be dormant. This confirmed the non-dormant nature of JL 24 and dormant nature of ICGV 86158 and ICGV 87378.
The survey showed that anywhere from 10 to 35 percent of a multinational's subsidiaries may be dormant. The companies generally retain the subsidiaries for several reasons: (1) the cost of liquidating the CFCs is prohibitive; (2) the liquidation of the company may take several years because of the complexities of foreign laws; (3) the shell corporation may protect the corporate name in a given country; or (4) companies may keep "shelf corporations" in some countries (such as Thailand and Malaysia) in case business activities are resumed in that country in the future.