be effective

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Hunt, for he knew not how far it might be effective among his men.
Nor with such a man could you expect the appeal to conscience to be effective.
The main lesson learned from Singapore's experience is that for a vector control program to be effective, it must be based on carefully collected and analyzed epidemiologic and entomologic surveillance data, with particular emphasis on ecologic factors that determine where, how, and when to initiate vector control, which Chan termed "vector epidemiology" (7).
While doing that, I have identified a number of key principles I believe we must follow to be effective that I would like to share with you.
Before discussing the strategies the Institute will pursue this year to enable us to Be Effective and Stay Effective, I offer thanks to Ray Rossi, whose term as President came to a close in August.
17) Intravenous lidocaine has been reported to be effective in treating tinnitus, (12,17,18) but it carries serious potential side effects, its half-life is very short, and no effective oral formulation has been found.
Are there ways to identify people who will be effective in cross-cultural ministry?