be employed

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It might appear, perhaps, the most logical course to devote our first meeting to the discussion of the engine to be employed.
The members of the legislative, executive, and judiciary departments of thirteen and more States, the justices of peace, officers of militia, ministerial officers of justice, with all the county, corporation, and town officers, for three millions and more of people, intermixed, and having particular acquaintance with every class and circle of people, must exceed, beyond all proportion, both in number and influence, those of every description who will be employed in the administration of the federal system.
She carried an assortment of merchandise for trading with the natives of the seaboard and of the interior, together with the frame of a schooner, to be employed in the coasting trade.
For all I know to the contrary, my own servant may be employed to-morrow as the spy who watches my actions.
I should so like to be employed in saving other children from ending as I have ended.
a) the weekly amount that the worker would probably have been earning as a worker but for the injury and had the worker continued to be employed in the same or some comparable employment, and
I will still be employed and paid (and taxed at source accordingly) by my Swiss employer.