be erased

See: disappear
References in classic literature ?
So many years have since past, that you may have, perhaps, forgotten this circumstance: but your desires are to me in the nature of commands; and the impression of them is never to be erased from my memory.
He looked back, once, before he left the street; and looked upon a sight not easily to be erased, even from his remembrance, so long as he had life.
I am aware my past can not be erased. Whatever had to happen is over now".
I am strong, I am beautiful, and I will not be erased."
Reason says that history cannot be erased. Sooner or later- the homeland will get its payback to those who are consciously erasing the permanent values, Rizaov writes.
The Kurdish leaders are next in line to be erased by al-Maliki.
"I love white - any marks can be erased in minutes with a quick dab of paint and it means that the house has a very light and airy feel.
If the recorder has a flying erase head, this underlying video information will be erased just ahead of the video-recording process, and the new information will be recorded properly.
Someone else could work out for you--and then you'll be surprised at how quickly the first crush can be erased from your mind!
Most of today's high-capacity tapes cannot be erased by degaussing (waving a magnet over the tape to scramble the metallic particles on the tape).
He gave audiences a taste for the irreverence and artifice of camp that couldn't be erased when its link to gay experience was finally acknowledged.
Old mistakes can be erased and a new course can be charted.
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