be faithful

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These churches were symbolized in the Scriptures as candlesticks, and on certain conditions there was a sort of implied promise that Smyrna should be endowed with a "crown of life." She was to "be faithful unto death"--those were the terms.
But, as I have said, this was not the main thing that kept me from going to the Brazils, but that really I did not know with whom to leave my effects behind me; so I resolved at last to go to England, where, if I arrived, I concluded that I should make some acquaintance, or find some relations, that would be faithful to me; and, accordingly, I prepared to go to England with all my wealth.
And it must be confessed that on their part they knew how to be faithful to their victorious fortune.
I've now met someone else I really like but he admits he wasn't faithful to his last two girlfriends and can't promise he'll be faithful to me.
And yet this revelation beautifully exemplifies his understanding: the narrative describes the creation of subjects who are asked to be faithful to the event--and it gives dire warnings of pseudo-events, fake truths, false idols.
We as Catholics must be faithful to Sacred Tradition.
But this will always be my church because I believe that the promise of the risen Christ to be faithful to his church is more powerful than any evil we may do.
Even more difficult, however, may be the reminder that even when we choose correctly we cannot guarantee the outcome: we are called to be faithful, not to be effective.
`I am faithful, and he has to be faithful.' That might sound a bit rich coming from Rebecca, but she insists she doesn't feel guilty about the affair, apart from the effect on `the kids and his mum'.
She would have had to have been the woman who I could be faithful to.
When President Bush and his congressional allies began touting their new AIDS hobbyhorse in January, they assured social conservatives that the program would be based on a proven "ABC" approach that stresses behavioral change, with "A" for abstinence, "B" for be faithful, and "C" for using condoms--when appropriate.