be fallacious

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It would be fallacious to assume that China has close ties with any particular party," he said.
Situating a fallacy in a dialogue setting, Walton states that one and the same argument can be fallacious and non-fallacious depending on the context.
As mentioned before, in the dialectical view of fallacies, argumentation moves can be fallacious and non-fallacious, and the circumstances of the use of arguments play an important role in defining them as such.
It was mentioned earlier, that, according to Walton (1992), argumentation moves could be fallacious and non-fallacious depending on the type of dialogue in which they occur.
Thus, in this situation the ad hominem arguments are considered to be fallacious.
regulators have made exempting transgenic food from harm may be fallacious.
Too narrow, for some fallacious slippery slope arguments may merely attempt to switch the burden of proof (and thus continue the dialogue) by noting possible bad consequences, but be fallacious because they give no reason whatsoever to believe such bad consequences are likely to follow.
This means that a piece of strategic maneuvering will be fallacious if, for instance, it refers to concessions of the other party that this party has not made, neither explicitly nor implicitly; if, for instance, it brings to bear concessions in a way that is not acceptable, or cannot reasonably be expected to be acceptable, to the other party; or if, for instance, the concessions referred to are phrased in an inappropriate way.