be forthcoming

See: impend
References in classic literature ?
1 ($1,000).-- That the necessary funds for the experiment of the Gun Club will not be forthcoming.
Aunt Sarah flew to the pantry or cellar whenever Rebecca's slim little shape first appeared on the crest of the hill, and a jelly tart or a frosted cake was sure to be forthcoming. The sight of old uncle Jerry's spare figure in its clean white shirt sleeves, whatever the weather, always made Rebecca's heart warm when she saw him peer longingly from the kitchen window.
North Wales has not enjoyed a direct rail link with Liverpool since the 1970s The Minister indicated that, although a link was not part of the National Transport Plan, future investment could be forthcoming.
Unfortunately, this is a reissue, so no further volumes will be forthcoming (to my knowledge); please note that the storyline does not end with the first volume.
Several Darby residents and Americans United warned that if the "objective origins policy" were adopted, a lawsuit based on a constitutional challenge could be forthcoming. In 1987, the U.S.
I feel confident the usual ``an enquiry will be held,lessons learned and there will be no repetition in the future'' statement will be forthcoming,nothing will happen.