be frugal

See: retrench
References in classic literature ?
The rich may be extravagant, the poor can be frugal; and private oppression may always be avoided by a judicious selection of objects proper for such impositions.
"You should have left it to me, then, madame, who know what they are; but you wished to be frugal, and consequently to lend at usury."
The Dublin architect told the Irish Daily Mirror: "Daniel is one of those people, I don't think he cares, he could make [euro]2million, or [euro]20million or [euro]20,000 he does what he does and he will be frugal until the day he dies and that's just the way he is.
"But I suppose whether he earned [euro]20,000 or [euro]2million in a year, if you are that kind of person, if you have been brought up that way, if you have been brought up with a very frugal background you are going to be frugal."
To be frugal is not just looking at the price tag, but it is looking at the overall value of the experience, service or product that you're buying.
To be frugal is not to act like Scrooge that it negatively impacts your lifestyle.
After all the franticness in the kitchen (which is a taboo in Africa, our motherland), and fervency in the chapel, this "new" English husband is also expected to be frugal in bed!
Do I have to live a life of material simplicity and be generous with all I have or should I be frugal? There isn't any explicit doctrine concerning wealth, or at least none that I have read about in the encyclicals I have read or lectures I've heard.
In fact, it's a car which proves you don't have to be slow to be frugal.
According to author Natalie McNeal, it's possible to be frugal and fabulous.
Organize your outreach into predetermined cycles that include detailed plans for frequency and type of contact, and be frugal about what you send.
She was proud to be frugal and so am I.--Christine Watson, Kempner, Texas
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