be frugal

See: retrench
References in classic literature ?
You should have left it to me, then, madame, who know what they are; but you wished to be frugal, and consequently to lend at usury.
To be frugal is not just looking at the price tag, but it is looking at the overall value of the experience, service or product that you're buying.
After all the franticness in the kitchen (which is a taboo in Africa, our motherland), and fervency in the chapel, this "new" English husband is also expected to be frugal in bed
In fact, it's a car which proves you don't have to be slow to be frugal.
According to author Natalie McNeal, it's possible to be frugal and fabulous.
Organize your outreach into predetermined cycles that include detailed plans for frequency and type of contact, and be frugal about what you send.
By teaching our children to be frugal, we know that they will survive in the day-to-day world with a "distressed economy.
Because the 160-acre facility relies on donations to operate, Colette said they have to be frugal, so they use gray water from cage cleaning to water the plants.
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