be fruitful

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Because a just idea cannot but be fruitful. Yes, it's an aim worth working for.
On my new gift, it is the joy of every family to be fruitful. I thank God for adding to my family and making me a proud father.
We have a short period of 7-10 days to make some progress, but honestly, I am no optimist", stressed Thaci, hoping that the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland will be fruitful.
NNA - Information Minister Ramzi Jreij saw that the dialogue table "is the appropriate place to find solution to the political divergences that divide the country," indicating that the dialogue "could be fruitful in this regard if it started by solving the presidential vacancy issue and approving on a new electoral law," and considering Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah's initiative as "at least suitable to help solve the presidential issue." Jreij's stance came Tuesday in the context of an interview on Voice of People radio.
''I am hoping that the discussions between the United States and North Korea will be fruitful,'' Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba told reporters.
I choose to take the teachings of the Bible far more literally than many do, and still consider the edict "Be fruitful and multiply" to be in effect, since I haven't read a "retraction" by God.
A second reason for their endeavor (in addition to making "a name" for themselves) is given in 11.4, which is that they may be scattered if they do not consolidate their community in this way: "otherwise we shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth." After God has commanded that humans be fruitful and "fill the earth" (1.28; 9.1, 7), it looks like these people "did not perceive this to be a blessing and so devised means to thwart its fulfillment" (Nahum M.
God blessed them, saying to them, 'Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it" (Gen.
And this was not just because, for the most religious of my respondents, sex is a fulfillment of God's command to be fruitful and multiply.
I also, pray that 2018 will be fruitful than the outgoing year.
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