be greater

See: surpass
References in classic literature ?
Of philosophy I will say nothing, except that when I saw that it had been cultivated for many ages by the most distinguished men, and that yet there is not a single matter within its sphere which is not still in dispute, and nothing, therefore, which is above doubt, I did not presume to anticipate that my success would be greater in it than that of others; and further, when I considered the number of conflicting opinions touching a single matter that may be upheld by learned men, while there can be but one true, I reckoned as well-nigh false all that was only probable.
In an interview a month after the convention, Freeman said that while institutional investments would be greater if the industry were more transparent, they are, nonetheless, growing fast and will continue to increase regardless of any transparency improvements.
[T]his is also likely to be the case for hypertensives, with the rider that risks of alcohol-related stroke are likely to be greater with poorly controlled blood pressure, and alcohol should always be considered as a contributor to poor compliance or drug resistance in drinkers."
The findings from some of the most thoroughly studied and widely dispersed environmental contaminants indicate that exposure to exceedingly low levels of environmental toxicants are often associated with adverse effects; indeed, there is often no apparent threshold and, in some cases the effects appear to be greater at the lowest levels of exposure (England et al.
If the nose is abnormally constricted, the resistance to airflow will be higher, and the pharyngeal negative pressure will be greater. This will more strongly tend to bring about pharyngeal occlusion.