be greedy

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All comprehension is creation; the woman I love is somewhat of my handiwork; and the great lover, like the great painter, is he that can so embellish his subject as to make her more than human, whilst yet by a cunning art he has so based his apotheosis on the nature of the case that the woman can go on being a true woman, and give her character free play, and show littleness, or cherish spite, or be greedy of common pleasures, and he continue to worship without a thought of incongruity.
He advised Philip not to be greedy, but to be satisfied with a ten-shilling rise.
He offered to draw her toward him again, but it was no more than a tentative muscular movement of the girdling arm, for he feared that he might be greedy.
I want to reach those everywhere because I am greedy, and in this type of work [charity], a person should be greedy.
SIR ALEX FERGUSON does not intend to be greedy and demand Wayne Rooney matches Cristiano Ronaldo's 42-goal haul from two seasons ago - 40 would be enough for the hard-to-please Manchester United boss.
If I was ever in a position to be greedy, I am now.