be helpful

References in classic literature ?
As my beloved child was helpful in restoring me to myself, I will be helpful now in restoring the dearest part of herself to her; by the aid of Heaven I will do it
But at least, sir," said I to James, recovering from my little fit of annoyance, "I am Alan's friend, and if I can be helpful to friends of his, I will not stumble at the risk.
The angel who is to alleviate our sufferings comes in such a questionable shape, that to the unimaginative she appears merely as an extremely self-confident young woman, wisely concerned first of all in securing her personal comfort, much given to complaints about her food and to helplessness where she should be helpful, possessing an extraordinary capacity for fancying herself slighted, or not regarded as the superior being she knows herself to be, morbidly anxious lest the servants should, by some mistake, treat her with offensive cordiality, pettish if the patient gives more trouble than she had expected, intensely injured and disagreeable if he is made so courageous by his wretchedness as to wake her during the night-- an act of desperation of which I was guilty once, and once only.
Not only should we be helpful towards customers, stakeholders, family and friends.
Given that the Queen and her entourage may find it difficult to survive, I am sure that a local authority would be helpful in arranging temporary hostel places and Joboentre Plus would offer a helpful "back to work' interview for the Queen.
I too have a problem and I think 7DAYS will be helpful in solving it for me.
It may be helpful, or at least comforting, to observe that for all the rejoicing at the end of Peter's speech, the issue of what to do with the gentiles doesn't go away quickly.
There are also some things school counselors can do prior to this type of meeting to increase the chances that the meeting will go well, as well as follow-up tasks that can be helpful.
What would be helpful to pastors who are getting resistance within their own church?
Alerting the priest to some small self-revealing fact can also be helpful in building community and cultivating effective parish stewardship.
It might be helpful to cut out a piece of paper or cardboard to fashion a vertical box that fits over only one chord at a time.
tuberculosis, may be helpful in understanding the dynamics of TB between humans and other animals, genotyping has become the standard for confirming the association.