be hurtful

See: mistreat
References in classic literature ?
And would not a return to the subject result in raising suspicions which might be hurtful to our projects, if at some future time a favourable opportunity offered to return to them?
Cole condemned the racial abuse subjected to him, and said such taunts could be hurtful and insulting.
I wish people understood that their attitudes can be hurtful for both me and my son.
You have a conscience and realize words are powerful--and misusing them can be hurtful. Some of your friends might also feel uneasy about it, so find more appropriate words to convey what you mean.
Many relationships fail and this process can be hurtful and last a while, so a bit of caution is to be expected.
We can't tell those children who feel intimidated or great inner hurt to "just get over it." If people fail to learn in their youth not to be hurtful toward others, they will never learn it.
"The use of the word in the song, which was written by John Raoul, was not meant to be hurtful to anyone in any way."