be identical

References in classic literature ?
A man and an ox are both 'animal', and these are univocally so named, inasmuch as not only the name, but also the definition, is the same in both cases: for if a man should state in what sense each is an animal, the statement in the one case would be identical with that in the other.
Hepzibah, piquing herself on a woman's accuracy in such matters, held it to be slightly different from what Clifford described; but, producing the very gown from an old trunk, it proved to be identical with his remembrance of it.
9,19,20) Most pathologists consider WDLs and ALTs to be identical on the basis of histologic patterns and karyotypic findings.
Typing the SCCmec of the MRSA strains cultured from the dog and its owner showed that these seemed to be identical (ccrA/B gene type 4, mec complex class B, and no loci AH were found).
Now when I examine the decisions of Canadian Courts, particularly Charter decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, here is what strikes me: I would not expect the list of what the Court calls "judicial values" to be identical to the list of "Christian virtues" which I have just enumerated; but I would anticipate substantial overlap.
The DNA of twins may be identical, but things can happen in the development of a fetus to change the outcome.
Early next year, Mayzo plans to launch BLS P, which is said to be identical to Ciba's Tinuvin P hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole.
Gosselin commented: "On the face of the length of escrow, this may seem to be identical to the Oct.