be ignorant

References in classic literature ?
If you find the thread, keep it to yourself--tell me nothing--on my knees I beg and pray, let me be ignorant, let me be innocent, let me be blind to all the future as I am now!"
This means that smokers can no longer pretend to be ignorant, and can thus now be accused of stupidity, as they continue to pursue a habit that they know will eventually kill them.
I can understand that children are frightened to use the roads, but the majority of the offenders seem to be ignorant, middle-aged males intent on going as fast as they can, often complete with earphones.
(Hirshberg describes "industrial design" as "the last Renaissance profession--you can be ignorant in a lot of ways.") He recalls that when he was in Chuck Jordan's GM design studio, he was something of an outsider, as his perspective included things that weren't cars.
Understand that she was not praising ignorance, that this is not in praise of ignorance, although it is in praise of something like learning to be ignorant. Or forgetting to remember.
Anybody who thinks African Americans are nostalgic about Jim Crow era America has to be ignorant or crazy, or both.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Journalistic Standards and Practices includes a section on rights of participants and interviewees, which says: "Care should be exercised not to take unfair advantage of members of the general public who may be ignorant of certain journalistic practices; for example, the difference between on- and off-the-record interviews, or the attribution of particular comments or opinions."