be impaired

See: suffer
References in classic literature ?
Our friendship cannot be impaired by it, and in happier times, when your situation is as independent as mine, it will unite us again in the same intimacy as ever.
One fact that makes disability so hard to understand is that there is no single model of disability; the human body can be impaired in an almost infinite number of ways, and people of all walks of life can become impaired.
8,9) Vocal fold movement might be impaired by the surrounding inflammatory processes, a condition that mimics vocal fold paralysis.
If the confidentiality provisions included in these treaties and agreements were given short shrift, the negotiation of taxpayer-specific agreements would be disrupted and, equally important, the ongoing working relationship between the United States and its treaty partners would be impaired.
The only concern that I may have is that your body would adapt to the use of sodium bicarbonate such that without it the ability to perform may be impaired to a slight extent.
One of the major duties of the committee is to identify members of the medical staff who may be impaired.
In thinking about such issues, the Board begins from the premise that it is absolutely essential that the extraordinary liquidity and efficiency of the government securities market not be impaired.