be impolite

See: insult, offend
References in classic literature ?
Oh, we did not mean to be impolite," replied a grey donkey which had not spoken before.
It was sad to see him corroded with suspicion, and yet not daring to be impolite, in case these well-dressed people were honest after all.
Rather "gloomy," he was going to say, but he reflected that that would be impolite.
Would it be impolite to ask what the police actually do these days.
relies on his feudal instrument that is to be rude, be impolite and talk down to people," he added.
Since we are with the mayor, it would be impolite to refuse a toast.
It was subsequently leaked that Monsignor Knox and Katharine had been apprehensive that Evelyn Waugh would be impolite to Alan Pryce-Jones for a number of absurd reasons.
Hashimoto was quoted as telling Foley at the prime minister's official residence that he had no choice but to cancel the trip because it would be impolite for him to make the visit when he has already decided to step down.
Other times I would be impolite and put the phone down.