be inconsistent

See: conflict
References in classic literature ?
The fourth point is consistency: for though the subject of the imitation, who suggested the type, be inconsistent, still he must be consistently inconsistent.
To discriminate, as this is a Catholic cathedral would, in my view, be inconsistent with the current law against discrimination.
HIV-positive women were also significantly more likely to be inconsistent condom users (78.
The Council's members are chosen by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme religious leader, and are empowered with veto power over any legislation they deem to be inconsistent with Iran's Constitution or Islamic law.
However, the same physician completed a similar study in Narino Department in May, concerning the same types of health problems as alleged in Putumayo, and found the several cases that he reviewed to be inconsistent with glyphosate exposure.
Board members debated very carefully whether those appointments would be inconsistent with our charter.
99, TEI believes it would be inconsistent to establish a company-size threshold for disclosure of the loss or valuation reserves.
the taxpayer is given the intended choice with some specificity -- would be inconsistent with that congressional intent.
Consequently, we believe that the retroactive application of regulations overturning such rulings would not only be at odds with the general principles underlying section 7805(b) of the Code, but would also be inconsistent with the legislative history of section 461(h).