be instrumental

See: pander
References in classic literature ?
My removal, therefore, which must, at any rate, take place soon, may, with perfect convenience, be hastened; and I make it my particular request that I may not in any way be instrumental in separating a family so affectionately attached to each other.
He imagined therefore that whatever quarrel was between them, it would be certainly made up at the return of Mr Jones; an event from which he promised great advantages, if he could take this opportunity of ingratiating himself with that young gentleman; and if he could by any means be instrumental in procuring his return, he doubted not, as we have before said, but it would as highly advance him in the favour of Mr Allworthy.
I cannot abandon a forlorn woman who has been confided to me to the tender mercies of strangers, so long as there is any hope of my making discoveries which may be instrumental in restoring her to herself--perhaps, also, in restoring her to her friends.
He was challenging my manhood with his slurs, challenging the very legs he claimed to be instrumental in getting for me.
Given General Genega's extensive background in organizational and corporate leadership, we are confident that he will be instrumental in continuing the process of building a company that our shareholders, customers, and employees will be proud to be affiliated with.
Honorable Rugumyamheto brings to Douglas Lake a unique combination of African politics, international liaison and business skills that will be instrumental in advancing the Company towards a prominent position in the African gold mining sector.
At Auspice, Doug will be instrumental to our sales and business development efforts," said Steven Birer, President and CEO of Auspice.
Michael brings an extensive background in software development, and will be instrumental in leading our company through our next generation of products and solutions," said Jeff Dirks, president and chief executive officer of SchemaLogic.
His leadership will be instrumental in helping us continue to grow and deliver world-class tax solutions to our clients.
I am confident that he will be instrumental in growing our ability to meet our clients' needs for years to come.
I am also excited to have Raja on board -- he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local market which will be instrumental to our success.
Hayashi, will be instrumental in turning this interest into design wins and providing the region with outstanding service and support.