be intolerant

See: persecute
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Children, from the earliest age, can generally be intolerant at some level.
AMID THE rising debate over intolerance, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday asserted that India will never be intolerant.
This country has never been and will never be intolerant," Jaitley asserted hours before the Congress party's took out a march to the President's House to highlight the alleged rise in incidents of intolerance.
The self-testing route is the most economical way as you eliminate foods you think you might be intolerant to.
Many people who claim to be intolerant to the milk sugar lactose are simply stressed, anxious or depressed.
I have put in place effective mechanisms to improve the way we communicate and I will be intolerant of frustrations being aired outside the force.
The second is, paradoxically, that this so-called tolerance, in its rejection of religion's claim to possess the truth about God and man, can itself be intolerant and even bigoted, for agnosticism is a complete and comprehensive worldview, as narrow and specific in its tenets as the fiercest Muslim fundamentalism.
In its own way, literature always was, is, and must be intolerant.
To have professionalism, we must be intolerant of amateurish bungling.
Being an Indian, it is a matter of shame that my nation is said to be intolerant.