be involved

References in classic literature ?
He must be involved in an open and public scandal, and with you.
You shall not be involved in any rash proceedings on my part.
But, if the facts which were involved at the criminal trial can also be shown to be involved in a civil action (and in this case they can), the entire matter may be made the subject of a new legal inquiry; and the verdict of a second jury, completely vindicating your husband, may thus be obtained.
I try to do, get on the ball and it was nice to be involved in a couple of the goals.
Team-mate Stephen Mcmanus, recalled to the Scotland squad after missing most of the qualifying campaign with his ankle injury, said: "I'm delighted to be involved.
It's a great honour to be involved in the BT Olympian art project," he said.
I'm just glad I was a sub as I might have been blowing a gasket after a full 90 minutes "But I could not have asked for a more eventful match to be involved in.
I just feel privileged to be involved with the team of people I am involved with.
As many as eight former top stars will be involved in singles and doubles competitions over the next four days at the Dubai Tennis Stadium.
I want to be involved in the starting line-up or on the bench.
I have been encouraged to be involved with so many excellent initiatives.