be lenient

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Ona was quite certain that she would find her place gone, and was all unnerved when she finally got to Brown's, and found that the forelady herself had failed to come, and was therefore compelled to be lenient.
"And you, being a good man, can pass it as such, and forgive and pity the dreamer, and be lenient and encouraging when he wakes?"
Masked judges and masked executioners, with unlimited power, and no appeal from their judgements, in that hard, cruel age, were not likely to be lenient with men they suspected yet could not convict.
I must ask his pardon to-day, and entreat him to be lenient in his accusation, if the revelation must be made.
Those whose extensive researches have given them the means of judging my backslidings with more severity, will probably be lenient in proportion to their knowledge of the difficulty of my task.
On the same day, they were accused of jointly wilfully and unlawfully destroying windscreens of police vehicles."I was not at the scene when the incident took place, I am just a matatu tout, I am kindly requesting the court to be lenient when issuing a bond to me," said Stanley Omosi, one of the accused.
In other words, the sentence must not just be lenient, but must be unduly lenient - not just low, but unreasonably low.
Madoff's lawyers had begged the judge to be lenient and give him just 12 years.
Councillors have called on the Royal Mail to be lenient on postman Roger Annies.
The emphasis needs to be on teaching students to think, not validating their emotions ..." Other faculty mention pressure to "be lenient because of ...
"This is a very serious offence, but because you have no previous convictions, I am going to be lenient," Judge Winsome Henry said.
Ex-husband Iain, 38, who looks after their two children at his home in Barnstaple, North Devon, said yesterday: "I just hope the court will be lenient and take into account the time she has already spent in custody."