be liable

See: answer, owe
References in classic literature ?
If that kills them, you will be liable to prosecution for murder.
After having been sentenced to a prepetual ostracism from the esteem and confidence, and honors and emoluments of his country, he will still be liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law.
But as the priceless treasure too frequently hides at the bottom of a well, it needs some courage to dive for it, especially as he that does so will be likely to incur more scorn and obloquy for the mud and water into which he has ventured to plunge, than thanks for the jewel he procures; as, in like manner, she who undertakes the cleansing of a careless bachelor's apartment will be liable to more abuse for the dust she raises than commendation for the clearance she effects.
The fees, including commission, would be liable to tax in India as such amount is earned for rendering services in India.
A The starting position is that if an individual has assets exceeding PS23,250 then they are not likely to qualify for any local government funding and could be liable to pay for the cost of their care in full, whether they receive care at home with carers, in a residential home or in a nursing home.
As you are not a council tenant, you are not liable to pay rent but you will be liable to pay PS91.
A You will be liable for arrears going back six years if you receive a "Notice of Demand" which must come in a prescribed form.
If you think you may be liable to tax, speak to a financial adviser.
Even in the absence of a contract or tenancy, any person who has control over any part of a non-domestic premises or the access to and from the building will also be liable as a dutyholder.
You will be liable for all expenses arising from the cancellation and the cost of remarketing the property.
Under federal securities laws, if an alliance member is found to control another member, the controlling member may be liable for the controlled member's securities laws violations.
They could be liable if what they are doing is a deliberate misrepresentation of a product.