be located

See: dwell, reside
References in classic literature ?
He may establish a universal code, so that all persons of importance in the United States shall have call-numbers by which they may instantly be located, as books are in a library.
Neither can it seem credible that a man in a distant city may be located as readily as though he were close at hand.
Some suppliers can be located by using the internet.
Am-Hal intends to use the proceeds of the loan to fund, in part, its third luxury retirement center under the Ad-120 brand for senior citizens to be located at Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv as well as to further future development of Am-Hal.
Sietzen will open SpaceX's Washington offices, to be located on Capitol Hill near Congress, NASA and the Pentagon, and will serve as the company's principle representative in the nation's capital.
The $50 million development will include a 303,500 square foot, thematically designed, upscale outlet center that will be located on 45 acres in an area called Ross's Corner at Highway 206 and Route 564, approximately an hour's drive from Manhattan.
The office will be located at 150 Minories, within walking distance of Lloyds of London, the London International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association, the Institute of London Underwriters and other locations important to the London market.
5% limited partner in an Israeli limited partnership which is expected to construct a $40 million facility to be located in Hod Hasharon, Israel.
It will be located within a one block radius of approximately 30,000 hotel rooms.