be misinformed

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However, I concede that I may be misinformed but this is how I see the situation.
Clearly I must be misinformed, the hitherto worthy ladies and gentlemen of Caerphilly County Borough Council are of a contrary opinion.
Dermot Power, BDO joint administrator, said: "Mr McDonnell was either misinformed or chose to be misinformed.
Race may play a role in whether a patient accepts surgical treatment for lung cancer, relates a study which found that blacks with the disease declined procedures at a higher rate than whites, leading researchers to believe that blacks may be misinformed about the effects of a possible operation.
Earlier research has shown that blacks may be misinformed about the risks of surgery, as they are more likely than whites to believe that lung cancer will spread if exposed to air during an operation.
Women need to be knowledgeable about the risks that exist and not be misinformed,'' Browne Dickens said.
The survey also shows that less-educated respondents are far more likely to be misinformed about regulation and labeling.
Questioning the accuracy and validity of the Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study (MATES II) released by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Glenn Keller, EMA Executive Director, warned that the public will be misinformed as a result of the released study.
Consumers will be misinformed by the new labeling rules because the regulations only apply to sun-burning and not carcinogenic UVA rays.
In an interview during his visit to the Western Command in Palawan on Thursday, Duterte said he could never be misinformed.
I am concerned that some shareholders may be misinformed regarding the Company's future plans and direction which in turn is one of the factors which may be contributing to a continued decline in the Company's share price.