be misled

References in classic literature ?
They are also less liable to corruption from their numbers, as water is from its quantity: besides, the judgment of an individual must necessarily be perverted if he is overcome by anger or any other passion; but it would be hard indeed if the whole community should be misled by anger.
In the light of this discussion, I am of the view that allottees should not be misled into believing that PAF is not involved in this project.
Dubai: Sachin Tendulkar has warned his fans not to be misled by people who may attempt to benefit by using his name without permission.
" I am sure that no person in J& K will be misled to do something that will remotely affect the Yatra.
Dear Editor, Don't be misled by government percentages!
Therefore it is not surprising that they can be misled about gypsies and Muslims, and it's not surprising that for no apparent reason they can become hostile and racist.'
Don't be misled into thinking that I will go where I am most likely to have winners.
Before choosing a career, learn as much about that field as possible so that you won't be misled.