be mistaken

References in classic literature ?
And I can hardly be mistaken in saying that sweet sauces are nowhere mentioned in Homer.
It is undeniably flattering to be mistaken for a foreigner when I am judged and discriminated against for being Muslim.
Besides, these images could easily be mistaken for art.
It was not until recently that I acknowledged to myself that at least part of the reason I wasn't attracted to white women before was because I couldn't stand the fact that if I was with a white woman, I might be mistaken for one myself.
A superficial leiomyosarcoma can be mistaken for other skin malignancies, such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.[10,11] The physical appearance of these tumors can be deceptively benign, and they can also be mistaken for nonmalignant conditions, such as nevi, granulomas, and keloids.
On the other hand, a military policy that would excessively fail to risk casualties, even for nearby important gains, could easily be mistaken.
Of course, we may be mistaken in judgment and yet truly convey what we believe to be the case.
Effusions can be mistaken for a cholesterol granuloma and petrositis, and asymmetric fatty marrow can be mistaken for a cholesteatoma.