be mixed

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It seems to be my fortune to be mixed up, more or less actively, with elderly love affairs.
My friends, I will not be mixed up and confounded with others.
With these preachers of equality will I not be mixed up and confounded.
You will not take it amiss if I express my strong disapproval of your allowing yourself, on any pretense whatever, to be mixed up for the future with your sister's proceedings.
Raising a family in the 1990s, when interracial relationships were rarer, my parents were careful to instil a clear sense of what it meant to be mixed. I can't remember a time when I didn't fully understand my culture(s), and I grew up feeling incredibly confident in my blackness and my whiteness.
New data show that both of the day's doses can be mixed in the morning, with the afternoon dose left in the refrigerator.
Not only am I confident that more people will enjoy these films now that they will be mixed in with the others, but I suspect that more people will become interested in experimental filmmaking.
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