be mollified

See: relent
References in classic literature ?
The Emperor was inflexible both to the entreaties of his daughter and the tears of his grand-children, and all that could be obtained of him was that the sentence should be mollified, and changed into a condemnation to be hanged.
Nor will junior doctors who are at loggerheads with Jeremy Hunt over pay be mollified when they see bosses riding around in Jags, BMWs, and 4x4s.
Tillman's mother refused to be mollified by this fishy, politically convenient story, which turned her son, who was posthumously awarded a Silver Star, into a patriotic poster boy for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
But there is a panacea - what angst can't be mollified with a mere 100cl of even an average Oloroso sherry?
Though fans of the Comedy Central programs may be angered by their removal from the site, they might be mollified to hear of speculation from analysts that Hulu is unprofitable.
The move will anger dozens of Labour backbenchers, opposition MPs, local residents, local councils and environmental groups who are unlikely to be mollified by any concessions the government makes.
Ranting Piers should at least be mollified that the no-hopers will have all been weeded out before the final, but any children who made it through should certainly expect no special treatment from him.