be offensive

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Let me point out straight away, I will never be offensive out of common decency.
I am sorry to hear that anyone found this image to be offensive and upsetting, since that certainly was not the intention.
Then they'll introduce a new word that is not perceived to be offensive, primarily because no one will know what it means.
They argued that freedom of speech does not extend to the freedom to be offensive.
"It never even occurred to me that [being gay] was something that was supposed to be offensive." Alas, not all his kin felt similar warmth.
As a Christian and a Catholic myself, I certainly do not believe Stockwell Day's personal commitment to his belief in 'Jesus Christ as Lord and master of the universe' to be offensive. He is entitled, as am I and other Canadians, to a personal faith.
Its defenders say that any attack on 'art' is an attack on freedom and on the artist's 'right' to be offensive, blasphemous, obscene and idiotic.