be offered

See: hold, possess
References in classic literature ?
When I attended the King in order to deliver the presents, after I had excused the smallness of them, as being, though unworthy his acceptance, the largest that our profession of poverty, and distance from our country, allowed us to make, he examined them one by one with a dissatisfied look, and told me that however he might be pleased with our good attentions, he thought our present such as could not be offered to a king without affronting him; and made me a sign with his hand to withdraw, and take back what I had brought.
'Opening and closing the valve is someone else's job and Vadwa had said he is good at that, if there is a vacancy at the Water Board and he fulfills the criteria, he will be offered a job there,' he added.
"My decisions will not be affected by changes in management, but more by the challenges that will be offered to me."