be outvoted

See: lose
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The 40 MPs we send to London will always be outvoted by the 500 MPs from England.
Herodotus would disagree: "At this point Themistocles, feeling that he would be outvoted by the Peloponnesians, slipped quietly away from the meeting and sent a man over in a boat to the Persian fleet.
And Ayrshire clubs, who are already outnumbered 39-23 by the Central League sides could easily be outvoted on a simple majority and, with that prospect in mind, they'd like decisions to be accepted only after approval by 75 per cent of the clubs.
Do we wish to rule ourselves through our own elected government in Westminster, or hand over, forever, the running of our country to an unelected bunch of Europeans where we can always be outvoted by at least 10-1.
What's the point, Watts asks, of joining a body where they would be outvoted 40-2 on nearly every issue?
Is it out of touch to want Britain to have its own distinctive approach to political and economic problems facing us today rather than be absorbed into some form of superstate where we could be outvoted after Labour gives up our national veto over many more areas of European law making.
We're going to be outvoted by all the people in all the houses in Lancaster and Palmdale,'' said Koppel, a Quartz Hill Water District board member.