be productive

See: pullulate
References in classic literature ?
Delinquencies, from whatever causes, would be productive of complaints, recriminations, and quarrels.
Your applying, however, to Reginald can be productive only of good to all parties.
And you also understand," Letton went on, "that the result can only be productive of good.
My own influence has been uniformly exerted in my son's favor--as long as my interference could be productive of any good result.
Besides, no matter how small the good, nevertheless his little inadequate wail will be productive of some good in the revolution, and every little bit counts.
My feelings remain unchanged, as they ever will; and why should I suffer the pain of a delay in giving them vent, which can be productive of no earthly good?
But if the great end proposed by it be spiritual, the agency employed to accomplish that end is purely earthly; and, although the object in view be the achievement of much good, that agency may nevertheless be productive of evil.
My lowland will receive 240 euros/ha by 2019 - much lower than it used to be, but I think I can still be productive on this land.
I'm also being targeted by pharmaceutical companies with magazine and TV ads that describe me exactly and tell me that I can greet the dawn with gusto, romp with my children, smile at myself in the mirror, and be productive, cheerful, and optimistic ("like myself again") if I take their drugs.
Until then, Scioscia said, Salmon still can be productive.
We believe the distributor and retailer are critical and essential links in providing growers with both products and services they need to be productive and successful.
How such people could be productive and contribute to improve the well-being of others is hard to imagine.