be proffered

See: hold, possess
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He called on the government to find out reasons for the senseless killings so that lasting solution could be proffered.
What is certain, however, is that the colossal amount of money and access to global clout and connections that can be proffered by fellow attendees are undoubtedly irresistible enticements to ambitious office seekers such as John Edwards.
The CYBERIGHT service provides credible disinterest third-party proof of the time and date that text, images, and sounds appeared on the Internet for use as evidentiary support in litigation where such content may be proffered as evidence of publication or used as evidentiary support or prior use in commerce in anticipation of potential litigation.
The enclave creation, though in response to conditions in a newly democratic and struggling South Africa, could be proffered as real-life applications of Robert Nozick's philosophic communities in his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia, and it also picks up on Jack Kemp's initiative, when he was HUD secretary, of encouraging the establishment of resident councils in what remained of public housing.
'Generally, we believe that every state has its own peculiar problem and each state will be analyzed and solutions will be proffered so that these farmers/herdsmen will be a thing of the past.